Thursday, July 15, 2010

Promotion for a fellow writer

 7/6/2010 TOO PICKLEY! hit bookstore shelves.  Go get one for yourself! A portion of her proceeds benefits The Children's Hospital in Denver. 
She will be having a launch party in August. Be sure to check it out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today, I celebrate a fun little thing -- I have made the cut again for the Line-by-Line Contest -- Round 2. Yay! I get to submit my first three sentences of my manuscript.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Cool Giveaway for MG or YA writers is celebrating their one month anniversary with a giveaway of a free edit of a YA/MG manuscript.  Visit the site for more information.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Lyric in a Children's Rhyme: And so it begins...

Just a Lyric in a Children's Rhyme: And so it begins...: "spreadsheet outline"

Ha! I'm not the only writer working hard on revisions. I found some great links to revision techniques on Joanna Smith's blog.

Bold and Brave Revisions

I'm deep into revising my MG historical fantasy. I love the story and the characters. The plot is worked out and I think working well (although at this point that is still only my opinion). My critique buddies (including my hubby, who is my toughest critique in a good way) are reading my second draft. With their help, I have found the focus of my story and have rewritten the opening chapters. Now I face heavy rearrangement of middle chapters and the rewriting of several scenes. I approach this with excitement and trepidation. What if I'm messing up the story? Is this the right way to take this? I think I'm deepening the relationship of the main and secondary characters and making the story richer, but there's much I like of the second draft that will change, but I think it must. But... but? Such insecurity is enough to drive me crazy. And I think I won't be sure until I dive in and come out the other side with a completed revision. Then I can stand back, take a breath and see what I have.

In true form of one who celebrates the little things, I'll take it a little at a time, enjoy the process and try not to sweat the rest. Hey, it's not like I can't go back to my previously written story. Now to dive in, be bold and brave and complete those revisions.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching Up

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Let's see. November I won Nanowrimo by completing a first draft of a MG historical fantasy. December I rested and enjoyed the holiday with wonderful sense of completion. It was hard not to go back in and immediately start revising, but I resisted (for the most part). January I started revising in earnest. Last week saw the completion of a second draft. Yay! I'm loving the story and can't wait to get back in to revise. I am resisting and waiting to get more great feedback from my various beta readers and to give my subconscious time to work on it as well.

Now, I must submit my MG historical to more agents and finish the latest revision of my YA fantasy. I'm hoping that one will be ready for submission after another round of polishing.

So that's a quick catch up in a nut shell. The life of a writer is never dull! Sometimes painful, heartbreaking, exhausting, frustrating as well as exhilarating and a bunch of other great stuff, but never dull.

And now, my day job (designing products) awaits.