Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm done! I'm done!

Time has slipped away from me while I've had my head buried in the last revisions of Thunderbird Dreams, my middle grade historical fantasy. And today, I'm celebrating a lot more than little things. I'm done! I'm done! I'm done! Well, at least done enough for beta readers. Then I'll polish it up (hopefully that's all that's needed) and begin my agent search with it.

I have learned so much in finishing this project. And I must send out thanks to the writing community on the web. There is some amazing information out there in a variety of formats. I have been amazed at how tips and techniques I needed came at just the right time. Or perhaps that's the wonder of the internet, I can search for craft tips that deal with what I'm having trouble with, and many options and techniques come up.

Next up on my writing plate is Digo Bait (working title), a fantasy novel for upper middle grade (maybe YA). It's been many years in the progress. I think now I have the skills and ability to actually finish it.

And back to celebrating I go. Don't forget to find something to celebrate today!