Monday, April 4, 2011

Writing Layers

© TVW Thinking

You know, dang, just as I thought I had a handle on my story and that I’m almost done, I uncover a whole new layer that needs to be applied to the entire thing. Well, I’ve always known it’s there, but I’ve had the liberty of ignoring it until I got the plot working (which I believe I’ve finally managed), not to mention the structure and pacing. I’m pleased with the overall story and the fun adventurous spirit I’ve captured. I think I’ve got a good external conflict worked out and … stutter… the emotional journey? Yeah well, there’s one there, but have I followed that thread through to it’s fullest?

I’ve got all the framework in place, and now I’ve come back to character — a good story always comes down to good characters. Yep, that’s the next layer. Like an onion or parfait — everyone loves a good parfait (as Donkey says), a good story has many layers. So here I go adding that next layer of fruity goodness — characters and their emotional journeys.

Get ready characters, here I come with a magnifying glass to delve into your deepest and darkest secrets. Ha, ha, ha, you can’t hide from me.

So what layer are you working on in your tasty parfait?