Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Lyric in a Children's Rhyme: And so it begins...

Just a Lyric in a Children's Rhyme: And so it begins...: "spreadsheet outline"

Ha! I'm not the only writer working hard on revisions. I found some great links to revision techniques on Joanna Smith's blog.

Bold and Brave Revisions

I'm deep into revising my MG historical fantasy. I love the story and the characters. The plot is worked out and I think working well (although at this point that is still only my opinion). My critique buddies (including my hubby, who is my toughest critique in a good way) are reading my second draft. With their help, I have found the focus of my story and have rewritten the opening chapters. Now I face heavy rearrangement of middle chapters and the rewriting of several scenes. I approach this with excitement and trepidation. What if I'm messing up the story? Is this the right way to take this? I think I'm deepening the relationship of the main and secondary characters and making the story richer, but there's much I like of the second draft that will change, but I think it must. But... but? Such insecurity is enough to drive me crazy. And I think I won't be sure until I dive in and come out the other side with a completed revision. Then I can stand back, take a breath and see what I have.

In true form of one who celebrates the little things, I'll take it a little at a time, enjoy the process and try not to sweat the rest. Hey, it's not like I can't go back to my previously written story. Now to dive in, be bold and brave and complete those revisions.