Monday, September 14, 2009

The Search Begins

The querying has begun in my quest for an agent. The star of the show, It's Coming Down! is a middle grade novel set in the early 1900s during the height of coal production in Carbon County, Utah.

This story means a lot to me. Inspired by my dad who spent hours talking with me about his experiences in the mines and living in a coal camp in Spring Canyon, I have tried to bring to light the every day life of a coal miner in the early days of mining.

I hope those who are reading my manuscript (or parts of it) are enjoying the story of Mitch and his struggle to find his place in a world from which his pa has tried to protect him.


  1. Traci, congrats on the blog, and the book sounds great. I think that it is so meaningful to write about something close to you. (But it probably can be a more painful progress, since it is so close to you!) Good luck. I can't wait to hear how the next step of the process goes.
    Heather (I followed you over from Verla's)

  2. Traci, congrats on your first blog post. Your mg novel sounds great. My husband's grandfather was a coal miner, and my father-in-law tells some really interesting stories. Good luck with your agent search.
    nan (like Heather, I came over from Verla's)

  3. Good luck on your querying. I'll be starting that in a few months myself. Your story sounds interesting. My family and I just took a tour of a lead mine a few weeks ago. It is amazing how the miners lived.
    Yay for your new blog, too!

  4. Thanks everyone! It was fun seeing my first comments here and to bask in all your encouragement. I think this might be fun. :)