Monday, April 4, 2011

Writing Layers

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You know, dang, just as I thought I had a handle on my story and that I’m almost done, I uncover a whole new layer that needs to be applied to the entire thing. Well, I’ve always known it’s there, but I’ve had the liberty of ignoring it until I got the plot working (which I believe I’ve finally managed), not to mention the structure and pacing. I’m pleased with the overall story and the fun adventurous spirit I’ve captured. I think I’ve got a good external conflict worked out and … stutter… the emotional journey? Yeah well, there’s one there, but have I followed that thread through to it’s fullest?

I’ve got all the framework in place, and now I’ve come back to character — a good story always comes down to good characters. Yep, that’s the next layer. Like an onion or parfait — everyone loves a good parfait (as Donkey says), a good story has many layers. So here I go adding that next layer of fruity goodness — characters and their emotional journeys.

Get ready characters, here I come with a magnifying glass to delve into your deepest and darkest secrets. Ha, ha, ha, you can’t hide from me.

So what layer are you working on in your tasty parfait?


  1. Similar to you, I also realized I missed a whole layer and am now in the middle of re-shuffling / re-plotting parts to ensure I have not left out this gaping hole...gasp. Character layering is one I am also going deeper at the moment, getting to know them. One trick I've discovered is to delve into what they think makes them who they are today... so I keep asking them 'Why'... why do you think you're a loner? Why did you move out of your parents’ house at an early age? etc. It's opening new characterizations for me...:)

  2. Thanks for the comment tfwalsh. I haven't been here much since I've been busy getting my latest draft done. You're asking your characters some good questions. I hope your character layering is going well. I'm now needing to add more sensory detail. Hmm, perhaps I'll write about that for my next post.