Sunday, September 25, 2016

One Small Voice

One Small Voice
Traci Van Wagoner
Election Season 2016

What can I do to make this world a better place?
To stem the dark tide?
What can I do?
I’m just little insignificant me, a voiceless peon standing against wealth and power and hypocrisy.
A small voice.
But not alone.
No, I am not alone in the struggle against vanity, hatred, villainy.
I cannot hide in my cave, quiet, hidden. . . .
Not. Safe.
Not while the world is coming undone at the seams.
When walls rise between us.
When truth, the way of peace, happiness is wavering,
Lost in a sea of chaos, storms, rantings, ravings.
One mad man.
Come out of hiding.
Each small voice can join with others.
Come out from hiding.
Learn from our bloody past.
Stand up. Stop the tide.
Small voices together grow louder.
Stand our ground. Black. White. Red. Yellow. Green. Purple. Or Blue!
Speak the truth. Speak our hearts. Join together around the world.
A multitude of small voices. ROAR!
Look to the future. Join hands and stand against ignorance. Listen. Care.
The future will be.
We can make it shine with hope.
Hope binds us.
Together as humans.
We CAN make this world a better place.
We can.

©Van Wagoner, 2016 All rights reserved

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