Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Nights and Ice Cream

I had a ton of fun this week painting this piece with inspiration from colour_collective, Pantone 292 C. For my b-day I got a new iPad (just in time too since my old iPad 2 went kaflooey), so this week my paint play has been more involved and I got a bit more detailed as I played with the Apple Pencil vs. finger painting. I still used my finger to paint a lot of this, but with the pencil I was able to get more detailed and target my brush strokes more accurately, not to mention the pressure sensitivity. Some of the brushes and for certain parts of the painting, I still much preferred the direct approach of painting with my finger. It's been a fun experimenting. Much more experimentation to come. I hope you enjoy my process.
children's illustration by Traci Van Wagoner
© 2017 Traci Van Wagoner


  1. I really love this piece, Traci! Can't believe you did this with an iPad (I know it's possible, it just seems impossible). What program are you using? Are you able to make it a high res picture? or is it still low res? Curious! No matter what, this is a great image. The way you play with light is really nice, and the puppy's tail is so much fun.

    1. Thanks so much. I'm loving painting on the iPad using Procreate. It has really helped me loosen up and just play. I now have an Apple Pencil which I use for detailing, but mostly I paint with my finger. I have been working at 150 dpi on the iPad, but that was mostly because before a couple weeks ago I had a really old and sloooooow iPad. Now I can work at 300 dpi. I'm still playing with sizes and capabilities now that I have a new setup.

    2. It's great to hear that you can finally work at 300 dpi on the iPad! I think mine might be too old for that. Haven't tried to make art on it though - yet. Not enough time, but hope to in the future!