Saturday, October 28, 2017

Madame Animalia a Picture Book Character

Concept art for my picture book project, That Dragon Must Go.

The Wondrous Madame Animalia, Trainer of Animals both Rare and Fantastical.

Madame Animalia character concept art for That Dragon Must Go by Traci Van Wagoner
©2017 Traci Van Wagoner, all rights reserved

I had started this character color study for last week's #colour_collective with the blue of the sky, but work project deadlines took over and I didn't get a chance to finish, so this week's Deep Saffron worked just as well with the tent and Madame Animalia's pants.

I've posted other characters and setting concept art for this project that you can see here. I have a completed a rough sketch dummy for this book and am in the process of creating a final dummy for submitting. This project took over this month instead of doing Inktober, and I'm thrilled with the progress I've made.

And now it's time to go sketch. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow or subscribe to be on top of the latest updates. If you'd like to see more of my work, be sure to visit my new and improved website.

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