Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hot Chocolate Comfort

Everything is better with hot cocoa on a cold winter's day

I started this painting last year during the holidays and didn't get chance to finish it, so this year as the weather turned colder and the days shorter, I pulled out my Holidays folder of sketches and WIP half finished paintings and ideas, and this one stood out as a perfect fit for the SCBWI Draw This prompt, Comfort. So, I finished it.

I always loved the feeling as a kid of playing outside all day with my cousins and family, iceskating, tubing, sleigh riding, playing Fox and Geese in the fresh snow, and of course the occasional snow ball fight and snowman making, and then coming inside frozen to the bone to find steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Ice cold hands melt and cold bones warm while wrapped in Grandma's soft afghan. Nothing better that that at the end of a full day of winter play. This is the comforts of home.

Hot Chocolate Comfort by Traci Van Wagoner
©2017 Traci Van Wagoner, Hot Chocolate Comfort

What is your favorite winter activity? What is your comfort of home? Feel free to share in the comments and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

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