Thursday, June 27, 2019

Embarking on an Adventure

A BIG Adventure with an Eensy, Teensy Teddy Bear

I've started a journey that I'm really excited about. I'm in the process of planning and putting together a Patreon page to focus on a personal project for the rest of this year. After that if you become a patron, you will get to help me decide what to work on and share with you next. Won't that be fun?

The Project

I'm illustrating a story my 86 year old mom told her grandkids many year ago. These were my older sister's kids, Kara. She asked me a while ago if I'd like to do something with some of Mom's stories she had. Um, yeah. She sent them over and here we go....

I will share more soon. In the meantime enjoy this video introducing the project. You can also read more about this adventure on my website.

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